Monday, August 5, 2013

Banned Books Week Coming Next Month

Banned Books Week
Sept 22nd - 28th
Read a banned book!

Let's be a little controversial for a moment... While wasting time surfing around the internet, (ie. lost in a sea of Pinterest pictures,) I came across a notice regarding Banned Books.  Being a complete book nerd, I took notice of such an atrocity.  How could anyone ban a book?!  Honestly, if you don't like a book, no one's forcing you to read it.  Leave it alone and move on.  As for required books in school, well, there are reasons for certain books to be read, lessons to be learned, and intellects to be utilized.  But there are options other than banning books.

Looking into it more, I found out that many of my favorite books, including ones that I had to read in school, have been banned or challenged numerous times over the years.  Seriously, if a parent is so adamant against a certain book being read by their child, for whatever reason, then write them a note and tell the school that your child will not be reading that book and needs a different one assigned.  Most schools, (granted, in only my own personal experience) I would imagine, be accommodating, providing the parent(s) could give a logical reason.

So, you may be thinking that the books are very controversial books with lots of sex, drugs and whatnot, that you wouldn't want your child exposed to.  Well, chances are, by the time these books are available to them for reading, they've probably already been exposed to even worse than the books have in them.  And if you deny that, then it's probably high time you search your child's room and backpack when they aren't expecting it... check their history on the internet too, and see where they've been surfing around!

But, anyway, before any parents out there get their knickers in a twist, I'm sure your diddykins is not "one of those" kids and is the perfect little angel.  I'm sure there are a few out there.... they aren't in my house, that's for sure!  But I'm certain that someone's home has a decent child out there.... somewhere.

Now, just to show you how ridiculous this list is... here are a few of my favorite classics that have been banned/challenged:

Where the Wild Things Are (A childhood favorite)
Red Badge of Courage (some seriously awesome symbolism in this book)
Moby Dick
The Great Gatsby
Click here for a list of many more.
Click here for a Pinterest list of banned books.

On Banned Books Week, everyone is encouraged to read a banned book.  Find one of your old favorites or pick up one you always wanted to read, but never found the time.  Enjoy it, savor it, understand it, and relish in the written word and the freedom to do so.

And the next time you hear the words, "Banned Books" think of all the great classics (and many contemporary books as well, such as The Hunger Games) that have been unjustly banned.  Which banned book will you read?


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