About Me

Oddyssey came from my handle in video games.  The correct spelling was already taken, so I had to go with 2 d’s… and it falls in with a personal joke between me and my dad, so it works for me.

The name Jypsie Visions came about from the fact that my mom always called us kids Gypsies.  I decided to post about my personal views on the world, be it either a commentary style post or just a photo of the beauty I find in the world.  I like the different spelling instead of “Gypsy” and it shows my personality a bit.  All of the photos in the header are my own, with the exception of the cute little pink elephant.  That is a screen shot from a video game that I play.  I threw that one in just for fun.  I consider myself a huge gamer and an amateur photographer/artist/writer.

As for the actual blogging part, I had originally started my own personal website (back before blogging was all over the place) for somewhere to post my thoughts and to play around with some coding.  Well, life got in the way and the website never really got anywhere.  Neither did my coding.  Then I found the wonderful (and free) world of Blogger and Blogging.  I’ve enjoyed finding my voice (still a work in progress) on the internet and I’ve been discovering what I really want for my little corner of the web. 

Currently, my focus is mostly Photography, but I’m also branching out into Arts & Crafts as well as Gardening… with a few little personal experiences thrown in for flavor.  I hope you enjoy my blog, please leave a comment and subscribe if you do, and feel free to tell your friends.    


Help me bring The Saratov Approach around the world!


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