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Welcome to the Idea Depository.  Here I will be posting ideas for stories, one liners, prompts, etc.  If you have any ideas you'd like to share with everyone, please feel free to let me know and I'll add it to the list and give you proper credit, of course.

Feel free to grab a button as well to share with your readers.  I'd love to see the Depository grow while helping as many people with writer's block that it can.  I'm in the process of making a few new buttons so check back again to see what's new.

Thank you for visiting!  Now for the ideas...


Watch a child at play. What are they thinking? What do they see in their imagination's eye? Who are they talking to and what are they saying? Imagine yourself in their shoes and answer the above questions again for yourself.


One Liners:

You find yourself in a dream

While time drips by in this infernal place

The leech-healer bleeds his patients

while a child is born.

A woman screams , “Ça y est!  Ça y est!”

You are sitting in a restaurant in Barcelona

with three spies dressed as nuns.

One hears the sound of running water;

while a widow is poisoning the tea.

Describe Cleopatra in her bathroom with a broken ___________.

Now we sit in a field of moist mushrooms;
someone with horns apporaches,
while the ocean whispers what is left unwritten.

Whispers in Dreams
The drain in the bottom of the lake is stuck and the waterfall is overflowing
Wishes upon leaves cast a shadowy spell on fate

Help me bring The Saratov Approach around the world!


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