Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome, Baby Ben!

For those of you who may wonder where I've been and why I hadn't replied to anyone's blogs or comments, I had my baby and then we had to go back into the hospital for his jaundice issues.  But we're back home and doing much better.  I'm still recovering from the surgery, so it's still slow-going... and with the new baby and a two year old running around like crazy, it's going to be interesting getting back into a routine of some sort.
Baby Ben - Day One

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion Faux pas

Writing prompt by Mama Kat

Today's Writing Prompt:  Share one of your biggest fashion mistakes.

My answer:  The 80's

Need I say more?!

Honestly, I was a teenager during the 80's and if you were anywhere around during that time, you should totally understand.  I wish I could find the picture... I kept the photo portion of my first driver's license... my hair took up the entire picture!  No exaggeration... it was that poofy!  I had a poodle perm and then I would take 45 minutes in the morning using a curling iron and practically a whole can of hairspray to "calm" the curls, yet make it even bigger somehow.

It was terrible.  How I didn't set myself on fire with all the hairspray, I don't know.  And how I actually made it to school on time with how long it took me in the mornings to fully get ready, I couldn't tell you that either.

These days, I'm all for comfort and ease... I wash my hair and comb it... that's it.  And just for the record, I still happen to like scrunchies and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I just use the simple soft ones, nothing huge and in-your-face with bold colors or anything, just the simple stuff.  (well, except during Halloween and Christmas, then it's no-holds barred!)  They're easier on my hair, and since I keep my hair in a ponytail most of the time, I'm sticking with them.  As for the clothes, if it's comfortable, I'll wear it.  If it looks good, that's a bonus!  But in the 80's?  Well, we couldn't afford all the really expensive brand names like many of the other girls, but I tried my best with the cheap knock-offs.  I never succeeded, but I tried my best.

So, that's my fashion faux pas from my past.  The entire decade was just a huge mistake fashion-wise, although at the time, it was fun... just ask Cyndi Lauper!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art Journaling

So, I've started Art Journaling.  Something that I've been wanting to do for forever, yet never knew where or how to even start.  The other day, I cam across a blog that I have fallen in love with.

A wonderful blog that is a workshop to teach with a pay-as-you-can attitude.  The money was actually one of the things holding me back from art journaling sooner.  I've seen other workshops, but they all want a ton of money in order to take online classes.  Well, honestly, in this economy, that's just out of my league, especially with a teenage stepson, a two year old, and a baby on the way... all of whom are eating us out of house and home... not to mention my own prego appetite!

But now, with a workshop that I can take and then hopefully save up a few bucks to pass along to the blog owner later down the line, I can finally get started and enjoy myself without stressing out and being depressed (more than I already am) about money.

I've found a new passion and have been enjoying myself soooo much!  After not even being able to start, I'm now finding it hard to stop!  I carry my journal around like I do my cell phone, so that I can doodle away at a moment's notice when inspirations strikes.

If you're at all interested in art, drawing, painting, journaling, sketching, or even just plain doodling, I encourage you to check out her blog/workshop.  I am not being paid by her, nor even being asked to endorse her in anyway.  I'm just trying to pass along some love since she is the reason I have found my artistic passion, my muse, that had been hidden away from me for too long.
My sneaky little Muse, hiding away, but I finally found her.
Now, time to get back to work!
Now I just need to see about getting some color on some of my pages and maybe getting a few of them up here on my blog.   But I'm using my journal as an Art Journal as well as an actual diary/journal, with my daily dose of prego-hormonal-depression, antics of my toddler, frustration with my family, etc.  So, much of what I put in there will not be posted here on my blog, much of it is a little too personal to share with the world.  (not that I have a ton of readers, but still... the potential is out there.)  But there will be some, I'm sure, that will be less on a personal note and more on the artistic side of things that I'll be able to share on here.  I also need to get quite a few things scanned, printed, downloaded, etc.  But it'll all come in time.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.~~Thomas Merton

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.~~Oscar Wilde

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