Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Misc Mind Muddle

Could you even imagine being the bride or groom in the "Royal Wedding"?! The whole world is watching everything you do, idolizing, copying, taking indepth notes... and just because you have a title. You're still a "regular person" at heart, but there's SO much more to you with the title and the crown.

Then there's the Princess Diana psychic that I just heard about... Geez! Really? Seriously? She comes to you? Well, Ms. Psychic, if Diana really does come to you to discuss... whatever the dead discuss... I'm sure she wouldn't want you blabbing it all over television! And I imagine that she would have told you so. Now, if I actually had someone from the beyond contact me, but tell me to keep it to myself, I think I would do so! But that's me.

I've come across so many different things on the internet today, some interesting things, some disturbing... a poor little 2 year old toddler was raped by two boys who are 7 and 9 years old. So upsetting!

Then there's the funny twin boys having a complete conversation...So, I've gone from one extreme to another.  And which one do I focus on to open my blog today?  The Royal Wedding!  LOL  I'm not sure why.  I've been feeling quite "off" today. 

And now I'm so tired, I can't even keep going on the blog entry.  I'm tellin' ya... motherhood is exhausting!  And nothing and no one can prepare you for it!

G'night all... maybe I'll be able to edit this post or have a more interesting one for you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Musings of a Mom

This week's prompts:

This week I decided to do two of the prompts...

5.) I'm inspired by... (A photo journal entry)

3.) I often daydream about...

I daydream about Disney vacations, going to Walt Disney World with my family and sharing the fun and adventure that I had when I was a kid.  I have very fond memories of our vacations that we would take and I would love to do the same thing with my family someday.  In April (around my birthday) we would take a week to travel from PA to Florida, a week at Disney and a week coming back home.  We took our time and enjoyed ourselves. 

I also daydream about traveling the world, visiting ancient ruins, temples, pyramids, tombs, etc., kind of an Indiana Jones type of adventure.  (of course, in those daydreams, I'm younger and in much better shape too! LOL)

I also daydream of finding my dream home, or building my dream home in my dream destination; a beautiful, large, open beach house with lots of windows, overlooking the beach with mountains on the other side of the house.  All the while, I’m writing a novel and enjoying life with my family in my clean, open, airy, home.

And then there’s the dream of winning the lottery, paying off all our debt, buying the dream home, taking the family to Disney World and then going to Europe to start on our world adventure, while writing my novel about the adventures we experience.

Well, there are lots of other things that I daydream about, but those have been the ones on my mind lately. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost my Mojo....

Mojo = Motivation, inspiration, creative genius, enthusiasm for life.

I've lost it.  Gone.  Not sure where it went.  I'm pretty sure it will return, eventually.  It's done this before.  Left without saying a word, stayed away for months at a time, until one day it just shows up. 

I know why it left.  My sister passed away.  She was only 60.  Too young and too good of a person.  But then, isn't that the way? 

So, here I am, without my mojo.  I just really have no desire for anything at the moment.  I'll be fine one minute, then burst into tears... or just find myself staring into space, just wanting to be alone. 

Of course, I can't, I have a husband and kids, but now and then I get a moment or two of solitude.  Wonderful, quiet, blessed solitude.  Usually in the shower or the middle of the night when everyone's asleep. 

So, anyway, just in case anyone stopped by and gave a crap, I thought I'd let you know why I hadn't posted in a while.  Besides, it felt good to type it out.  And if you actually read this far, thanks.

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