Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Misc Mind Muddle

Could you even imagine being the bride or groom in the "Royal Wedding"?! The whole world is watching everything you do, idolizing, copying, taking indepth notes... and just because you have a title. You're still a "regular person" at heart, but there's SO much more to you with the title and the crown.

Then there's the Princess Diana psychic that I just heard about... Geez! Really? Seriously? She comes to you? Well, Ms. Psychic, if Diana really does come to you to discuss... whatever the dead discuss... I'm sure she wouldn't want you blabbing it all over television! And I imagine that she would have told you so. Now, if I actually had someone from the beyond contact me, but tell me to keep it to myself, I think I would do so! But that's me.

I've come across so many different things on the internet today, some interesting things, some disturbing... a poor little 2 year old toddler was raped by two boys who are 7 and 9 years old. So upsetting!

Then there's the funny twin boys having a complete conversation...So, I've gone from one extreme to another.  And which one do I focus on to open my blog today?  The Royal Wedding!  LOL  I'm not sure why.  I've been feeling quite "off" today. 

And now I'm so tired, I can't even keep going on the blog entry.  I'm tellin' ya... motherhood is exhausting!  And nothing and no one can prepare you for it!

G'night all... maybe I'll be able to edit this post or have a more interesting one for you tomorrow.

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