Saturday, October 11, 2014

Homeschool Ramblings and FREEBIES for you!

I've been busy lately at homeschooling my Little Ones... Well, really just the 4 year old, but the 2 year old likes to participate also... especially coloring.  For a little while, anyway, until he's bored and then he's gone. But with the 4 year old, I've started unofficial PreK, meaning that I'm getting my feet wet, hoping to get a feel for it and make sure I can do this before it actually needs to become official.  So far, things are going quite chaotic well. We have our good days and our bad days.  Sometimes lessons show up on their own from the back yard. (I'm talking about bugs and other icky creatures, but hey, I've got boys... good thing I was a tom-boy growing up, or this stuff would really freak me out. LOL)

We've come across quite a few interesting things, such as a giant caterpillar (I really need to keep my camera handy) that I looked up and saw that it will turn into a gigantic moth, (we're talking a half of a foot across... yes, that's right, I said a half foot, 6 inches!  That's just an insane size for a bug!) the likes of which I've never seen around here, so I'm not sure where the creature came from... and I'm not sure I want to!

All in all, it's been quite an adventure, but to see the light bulb come on and see the wonder in my son's eyes as he "gets it" during a lesson, is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced!  Those are the moments where I realize that it's all worth it, that I made the right decision, and that I'm going to be able to really do this thing!  

Buggaboo loves his cut and paste lessons!

One thing that we don't have quite set up yet, is a designated area.  I want to get the spare room set up as a play room / homeschool area.  That way I can keep everything centrally located and not have to keep using the kitchen table.  But, you use what you have at your disposal. 


Anyway, while I was looking for homeschooling ideas and getting distracted going through a bunch of stuff online, I came across some free kindle downloads.  I'm not sure how long they'll be free, nor have I read any of them.  I thought they looked interesting and figured I'd pass along the good tidings of "free".  As of this posting, they are currently free for Kindle download, but please be sure to check the price before downloading to make sure they're still free for you when you actually click on them.  I take no responsibility for changes in price or status.  If you do decide to download and read them, let me know what you think about them.  I'd love to hear from my readers if you enjoyed getting this little tip.  All that said, here are the freebies I found:
(By the way, I get nothing from you clicking on any of these, I just felt like sharing some free books I came across.)

(I'm really wanting to grow my own garden, so I'm looking forward to reading this one!)

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