Sunday, July 9, 2017

My CampNaNo Writing Project

Well, my LitRPG project has been coming along well, although I'm still in the very beginning stages of the story. After talking with my cabin mates, I realize that I need to focus on sketching out the world map and focus on figuring out the "main" quest line of the main character's story.

This is not the project that I had planned on working on this July. I actually have a much larger project that I was supposed to start working on, but I've had a hard time getting into the mood for that one at the current moment. It's probably because I'm reading a LitRPG story right now on my Kindle, so I'm in the mood for that sort of story.

I have so much to do.... My mind is racing with all of the projects that I'm needing to work on.

I need to find a good (and easy) crochet pattern for a shawl to teach the Young Women at church how to crochet. I also need to work on my own Personal Progress as well. The original story project that I was supposed to work on (we'll call it "Project X") that I couldn't get in the mood to work on is actually a part of my Personal Progress. One of my Value Projects that I had chosen to do. *sigh* Maybe I should switch over to that project for this month and finish the LitRPG story for November....

Or maybe I should just continue the LitRPG story for now, since that's what I'm currently motivated for and work on Project X in November. That would give me more time to do the research for Project X that I actually need. Plus, it's a more important project (in my opinion) so additional time would benefit me to get it done right.

Or maybe I need to quit putting it off and just switch back to Project X and get it finished like I had planned.

I really hate when I'm indecisive like this.

I think what I really need is a good night's sleep. My husband was very sick (we think it's the flu) Friday night and I was very worried. So much that I actually stayed awake all night to take care of him, getting him water, a cold compress, etc. (You have to realize, he never gets sick, but when he does, it's a doozy!) I finally got to sleep at 5am Saturday morning, and now I'm trying to play catch up with sleep. It's a losing battle. He's still sick, but he's better than he was, thank goodness! My anxiety level was through the roof!

So, I'm going to pray about which project to work on and get some much needed sleep. Good night everyone!

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