Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, as you can see, I went all blue on my blog.  I know the pink was very pretty and uplifting, but blue is my favorite color.  We'll see how I like it.

I've been MIA for a bit because my laptop died.  I'm still trying to fix it, but until then, I've had to confiscate borrow our son's laptop indefinitely temporarily.

I've been overly busy and overly exhausted as well, so that doesn't help the issue.  I have come to the realitization that I was spending waaaaaay too much time on the computer and that my whole life was wrapped up in that thing.  There are so many documents saved on that hard drive that I was devastated to the point of tears.  I'm still not happy, but I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and a little more time with family.  (Although Castleville on Facebook has gotten a bit of a grip on me.)

Anyway, this was just a little note to keep up with my blog and my viewers.  Thank you for your patience. 

My current projects are:
Make a drop spindle (to be able to spin the plarn better)
To crochet a scarf (currently looking through my tons of yarn for colors)
Planning a Gatehouse Scrapbook

Stay tuned....

Gnomeo & Juliet is a constant in our house and I just love the color Blue!


  1. Kellie,
    I saw your profile on and I am also a new convert to the church. What you said in the why I am a Mormon was exactly what I have experienced. Everything you said had me nodding my head the whole time. I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your story.

    In Christ,

  2. Dena, thank you so much for your comment! And welcome to the church! It's so nice to know you're not the only one, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!


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