Friday, September 30, 2011


Ya know... honestly, I wish I was more creative.  And when the spark does happen (rare that it is) I wish I would actually write the idea down.  Everyone thinks I'm creative and a few actually show some jealousy at times toward my creativity.  But the truth is... I'm not.  (I can take a base idea and run with it, adding, tweaking, etc. but coming up with something new?  Meh, not lately)  Or, at least, I don't think so... not anymore.  I may have been in my younger years, but now?  Not so much.  Not after surfing the web (more precisely, for ideas. 

Wow, can I get totally distracted by that website.  I just love it and can get so lost in it.  The amazing things that people have and find on the web are overwhelming.  Especially when I go through and find a ton of really cool, fun and interesting crafty and artsy-fartsy ideas. 

Then I get a bit depressed.  When was the last time I came up with a cool craft?  When did I become so unimaginative, so unproductive? 

I've come to one conclusion...


As much as I love it, use it, come to rely on it and refuse to ever give up completely, I believe that the technology that we, or at least, I, use is somewhat a major factor in my lack of creativity. 

I used to read a lot and lately, I'm lucky to get a page or two read in a month.  Of course, the other determining factor lately is a little one-year-old who runs the house.  But this Disease of Lacocreativity (lack-of-creativity, for those who didn't get it) happened years before I had kids.

So, what to do?

Well, I could always look up crafty ideas on the web to spark my creativity.... oh... wait... no, that doesn't exactly work, now does it?  That's like an alcoholic taking a drink to get up the nerve to quit drinking.  Not quite the most ideal solution.

Any ideas?

Well, this is something I believe that I will need to ponder on more.  (although I'm open to suggestions.  It's not like I'm going to give up the computer!)  Maybe it's time to get a new book to read more and break out the paint and brushes again... now where did I put those...?

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