Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Language of Flowers

1.) What type of flowers would be in a bouquet that best describes you? (inspired by Persipacity and the article Talking the language of Flowers)

A bouquet of wildflowers, my favorite.  It’s a mix of everything… every emotion, every thought and care in the world.  Everything from worry and anxiety to love and tenderness and everything in between.  I have just as many emotions as there are flowers in that bouquet.  I also have just as many interests.  It all depends on the Mood of the Moment as to which one’s aroma I choose to enjoy (or dread) in my life right then and there.

Absinth/Wormwood: Separation and Torment of Love
Almond Blossom: Hope and Watchfulness
Aloe: Wisdom and Integrity
Azalea: Fragile and Ephemeral Passion
Carnation, Yellow: Disdain and Rejection
Chestnut: Independence and Injustice
Cinnamon: Love and Beauty
Clematis: Artifice and Ingenuity
Convolvulus: Humble Perseverance
Daisy: Gentleness, Innocence, Loyal love (one of my favorite flowers)
Forget-me-not: Faithful Love, Memories (could this be used for forgetfulness?)
Gladiolus: Strength Of Character, I am really sincere
Heliotrope: Devotion, Eternal Love
Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
Honeysuckle: Sweetness Of Disposition (one of my favorite scents)
Hyacinth: Games & Sports
Iris: Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Your Friendship means so much to me
Ivy: Friendship, Wedded love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection
Jasmine, Yellow: Timidity and Modesty (my other favorite scent)
Jonquil: Violent Sympathy and Desire, Love me, Affection returned
Larkspur: Open Heart
Lilac, Mauve: "Do You Still Love Me"
Lily-Of-The-Valley: Purity and Humility, Sweetness
Lotus: Mystery and Truth
Petunia: Anger and Resentment
Poppy: Imagination, Dreaminess, Eternal sleep
Queen Anne's Lace: Fantasy
Zinnia: Thoughts of Absent Friends

And those are just the highlights of “Me” there are so many more, deeper, parts (issues?) of me as well.  But those would make a good bouquet, although a rather large one.

Is there a flower for Distraction?  I’d have to add that one in too! 


  1. Came over from mama kats. Love your flowers. Let me know if you find a distraction or lack of focus one! Lol.

  2. this is one that I could never figure out. nice post.


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