Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creativity Blooms and Flourishes!

Wow, what a day!  My Muse has returned in full force and she is nothing less than Brilliant!

As I said in a previous post, I'm working on a very cute little craft that also goes along with gardening... I've now begun the first stages (last minute epiphany as I was working on a different project) so that really is coming as I had said.

In the meantime, I've also begun a project for a Gatefold Scrapbook.  The first little section turned out decent, so I'll take some pics as I create the second one.

I've also begun to make "plarn" or plastic yarn.  We've got waaaayyy too many plastice bags and although we use some for garbage and whatnot, we've got an overabundance.  I try to remember to take the cloth bags to the grocery stores, but I usually remember them when I've already made it all the way to the front doors of the store.  :-P  Now, if we have a few extra bucks (which is rare these days) I'll buy one or two of the cloth ones, but the rest of the groceries go in the plastic bags.  Ugh!  I've just become so self conscious about all that land fill stuff and the eco-nuts are starting to really brainwash... er... get their message through to me, so I've decided that I want to do something more than my family and I are already doing.  I can't wait to crochet a tote bag using the plarn!  (pics and links to come.)

Hence, "plarn" has been discovered... well, I think it's been around for a bit, but I just recently discovered it during one of my many many many distracted internet surfing sessions.  So, I've got a small ball of plarn going and will be taking pics and sharing that project as it goes along too.

I also did a smidge of writing (which I need to get back to after this post) and during that, I was inspired to do some sketching for the book, which turned out kind of cool... at least in my mind's eye from the book's perspective.  Of course, not reading the book or knowing what it's about, it looks like a bunch of chicken scratches, I'm sure.

So, I've been a busy bee today.  I'm going to post a sketch here, but the pics will have to wait.  Be sure to check back for them.

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