Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Plarn Project Continues... finally

Ok, here they are... pics of the start of my plarn project.  With NaNoWriMo done, I can finally get back to some other projects.

This was just a sample to see how it would be to actually crochet with it.  I started without having the plarn "spun" and it was a bit difficult.  Once I had it "spun" it was a bit easier to see what I was doing.  I'm going to actually try to make a larger piece.  I'd like to make a tote bag out of it, which will probably take a while.  But I will take more pics as I go along.  I'm wondering if using the brown bags would look better... maybe more like raffita?  I need to cut up more brown bags and spin them into tighter spun plarn and try a sample with the brown.  I have more white bags, though, so I started with them.

Stay tuned...

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