Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project 365x2

So, this year has already started to fly by.  Here it is, the 10th already, and I have yet to follow up on here with my (two) Project 365(s).  It's not that I haven't been keeping up with it... surprisingly, I have been!  It's just that with my ambitions for the new year, I've been too busy to get onto the computer hardly at all.  I do plan to get on here and try to post each day (a very lofty goal) and stay updated with my goals.

On the subject of goals, at church the other week, we were all challenged in our goals.  We were asked to write down our top ten things we wanted to accomplish.  Then, from that list, we were to take the #1 item and list the steps it would take to accomplish that one goal.  Well, we did that for our Family Home Evening.

What I've come to realize is that in order to make any of my goals a reality, I need to accomplish one single goal and that is to GET ORGANIZED!  If I got organized (which was #4 on the first list) then ALL the other goals would fall into place.

Ironically, this fell right into my First Project 365 idea... do (at least) one project around the house every day.  It could be a big project that needs a few days, but most of them should only take one day (or less) to complete.  And some projects could be simple quiet tasks like sending out birthday cards for the month.

The Second Project 365 I wanted to do was take a photo every day.  This is something else that I've been able to do, with very little effort.  I'm a shutter-bug by nature, so I take pictures constantly.

The BIG issue that I've had with both of these endeavors has been to actually get on the computer to post about them.  Even as I type, my two year old is nagging/whining/crying about everything:

Buggaboo: "I wanna cookie."
Me: "We don't have any."
Buggaboo: "I wanna cookie."
Me: "They're all gone."
Buggaboo: "I wanna cookie."
Me: "We don't have any cookies, they're all gone, quit asking."
Buggaboo: "I wanna play a game."
Me: "No."
Buggaboo: "I wanna play outside."
Me: "In a minute."
Buggaboo: "I wanna play outside."
Daddy: "We'll go outside in a minute, please let your mother finish what she's doing first...."
Buggaboo then proceeded to occupy himself with something that belongs to the baby and now we're currently in tears, which started off real, but now are just fake because he's realizing no one's paying him any attention.


Anyway... I'm planning on posting more on these two projects, but that task is turning out to be a major project in and of itself.

To Be Continued.............

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