Friday, December 10, 2010

T & E Cookies

T&E Cookies... Trial & Error!  What doesn't work out well for the first batch (and the second and the third...) will work for the next one.... maybe....

I had to make two dozen cookies for a church get-together last night.  Well, apparently it's been a LOOOONG time since I've baked cookies!  I used to bake all the time.  Cakes, pies, cookies, you name it... and I was good at it too!  But not now.  Oh, my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving came out great (all four of them!) but I make them every year, so I'm used to them. 

But cookies?!  Wow, I really don't remember them being that hard!  I wanted to make them from scratch... well, I ran out of time, so scratch that idea.  (pun intended) So, I got two packages of a Betty Crocker mix.  Couldn't be simpler, right?  Riiiight..... NOT!  So, each package is supposed to make 24 cookies.  Great!  I need two dozen, that's one package.  And I can whip up the extras for us.  Meh... not so much.  So, I roll out the dough (a major undertaking in and of itself, much more difficult than I remember as a kid) and try to make cookies with the cutout shapes that I have.  Again, issues... they stuck to the table and I couldn't pick them up in one piece.  And, yes, I floured the table before rolling out the dough.  Hmmm.....

So, I finally decided to just make "drop cookies" out of the dough and do as the directions say (gee, what a concept, eh?) and decide to use this peppermint grinder I found.  Looks yummy to put on sugar cookies.  Well, I got the grinder from the dollar store and let me tell you, you get what you pay for!  What a pain in the... ahem... anyway... I pull out the first, small trial batch and they're ok.  Need to stay in a minute or two longer and needs sugar, not just the peppermint stuff.  Ok, that batch is for us. 

Next I try adding sugar and use the crumbled pieces from the jar, rather than trying to grind them... they're better, but not the best.

Next is a little more sugar... oops... accidentally over-sprinkled on a handfull of the cookies on that batch... then went back to grinding peppermint.  Took forever, but was worth it, they came out ok... but the cookies didn't bake up and expand like they should have (or like I remember they should) so they ended up quite small... but I've got 50 cookies, so it's all good.

Pay no mind to the dirty counter, I hate tile counters, you can never get them clean.  Can't wait to redo them.

OMG such a mess!  The peppermint and sugar got everywhere!


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