Sunday, December 26, 2010

To Make or Break...

Well, I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!  On to the New Year! 

A List of New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Keep the house clean(er) (I've been to so many houses lately and they all look fabulous.  Mine, on the other hand is... er... less than fabulous)
  2. Save money for Christmas 2011
  3. Keep the car cleaned out
  4. Exercise more (Gee, who's list is this not on?! lol)
  5. Be on time (We're always running late and it's usually my fault.  My husband was always on time before he met me. lol)
  6. Finish Novel
  7. Get novel published
  9. Stay Organized!
  10. Read my scriptures everyday
  11. Stop hording stuff & have some yard sales
  12. Pay bills on time (pay attention to what day it is.  Days seem to fly by and generally lose track of what day it is until I get my "friendly" email reminders.  I'd like to get ahead like I used to be.)
Well, that's my dozen New Year's Resolutions.  My actual "To Do" list is quite a bit longer, of course, but these are the things I really need to work on and keep up throughout the year.

So what are your New Year's Resolutions?

Merry Ho Ho
Happy Humbug!

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