Thursday, May 19, 2011

Il Volo

So, I wasn't watching this season of American Idol... not sure why.  I'm not a huge TV person to begin with, but tonight I was flipping through the channels and nothing else is on, soooo... I turn to it and this trio come on, "Il Volo"  just about the most talented young men to hit the airwaves lately, imho.  Their voices are wonderful and they're just too darned adorable to not be impressed.  Too young for me, of course, but just too cute.  One, a teen-throb sort of sexy cute, the next, an adorable "wanna-pinch-those-cheeks" cute with the most adorable dimples, and finally, the "nerdy-chic young man with a thing for large goofy glasses.  All-in-all, quite the display with amazing voices.  Don't believe me?  Just listen for yourself....

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