Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memories Wiped Clean!

Came across an article this evening...

 Should It Be Illegal to Take Photos of Other Kids?

Well, I'm a huge shutter-bug, so this got me all kinds of upset.... I tried to post my thoughts on The Stir's blog, but my comments were "too long" so I decided to post them here.... And let me just start by saying Freedom is never free, but it shouldn't be at the price of our memories..................

This law is so utterly ridiculous, I can't imagine the reality of it. It's just like the taboo art of taking pics of your child in the tub with his hair all up in a mohawk, chewing on a squeek toy and playing with the bubbles (of which I've taken and so did my parents when I was a kid) and people think you're a creep when you're just taking a cutsie pic of your child for the photo album. Now this? How on earth could this ever pass?!?!

Now, I can understand maybe trying to regulate posting them on the internet (although I think that's nuts too, my son's all over my FB pages! and it's just too broad of a scope... we've got 7 billion people on this earth, ) but to make it illegal to even take the pics???? Like someone said, Disney, or any other theme park for that matter, would be impossible to take pics at. Too big of crowds. At the park? Puh-leeze, what do I care if some random mom takes a pic of her kid and mine just happens to be in the background?

Now, if I saw some lone person randomly taking pics of kids without having one of their own, I may be concerned, however, you still don't condemn someone just on looks. They may be doing a project for a college course, or they might be a reporter, who knows? I'm not defending the creeps, but I don't think an innocent person should be arrested or harrassed just for taking a freaking picture. I take my camera with me everywhere and I'm always taking pictures. I don't think I should have to defend myself when I'm just taking an innocent photo.

And another thing... if that law were to pass, there goes the news! Talk about shutting down freedom of speech! No news could be shown on tv nor their internet sites with people walking along in the background... GMA and The Today Show... and all those morning shows with the people in the background through the window (wanting to be on tv) well, what if someone's kid makes it past there? Nope, gotta shut down those shows, cuz some pedophile might be watching tv at that very moment on that very station.

Let's just all crawl underground and let the creepy pedophiles live free on the surface. That way, we won't be interfering with their rights (don't get me started on that crap!) and they'll never see us nor our families ever again.

Yeah, that's the ticket, let the minority of society dictate our lifestyle and restrict the innocent. Well, what's new?!
(meh, that's a whole other soap box to get up on)

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