Saturday, July 7, 2012

My New Favorite Holiday

July 7th, 2012  Today is Chocolate Day!!  

Are you kidding me?!  Chocolate Day?!  I now have a new favorite holiday.  And I just found out something totally delightful... We now have an even better reason to eat chocolate.  Chocolate is actually a vegetable!  That's right!  Well, sort of... The Cacao tree that grows in the rainforest is where the cocoa for chocolate comes from and it is apparently a vegetable.  Which is probably why dark chocolate is said to be good for you in small quantities.  

Now, as for my Reese's cups and Snickers bars, I'm sure the sugar and all the other stuff they put in them outweighs the health factor from the rainforests.  But, it's an interesting, if not useless, fact to share with your friends the next time you are all indulging in a chocolate Wonderfall or some other heavenly chocolate treat.

I would say that these are my ultimate favorite chocolate treat of all time.
Little on the pricey side, but soooo worth it!

Now I want some chocolate in the worst way and we don't have any in the house anywhere!  UGH!

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