Friday, December 30, 2011

Mermaid On Crutches?

Well, I came across one of the most ridiculous outfits that I’ve ever seen:

While quite beautiful, it seems to be very obnoxiously inconvenient and problematic.  I mean, seriously, how do you get a mermaid to “walk” with crutches (when obviously the poor model can’t even move her skimpy chicken legs?!)?

But then, while trying to find the actual fashion show that show cased this particular dress, I came across the following video:

I’ve never liked Haute Couture or any of the weird styles that some of the more popular designers put out… until now.

Jean Paul Gaultier is wonderful.  Somewhere into the video I actually found myself enjoying the fun that is JPG.  I still don’t quite believe it, but I did and now I do.  There were even a couple outfits that I actually liked.  The gold stockings on the one model were, in fact, my favorite thing for the whole show, but there were a few outfits that looked quite lovely as well. 

I enjoyed the music and the quirkiness that JPG apparently is known for and it is a pleasant and enjoyable attribute for a designer.  I wonder what else I’ve been missing with other designers as well as with this one?

(Just great… yet another object of distraction!)

But, then again, watching the models has given me new motivation to lose weight in the upcoming new year.  Will I lose enough to look like them?  Of course not, nor would I want to.  They are way too skinny, in my opinion.  But I would like to be my old self again, and lose quite a bit.  It’s always nice to have motivation.  The movie Dirty Dancing did it for me years ago and that motivation worked.  So, if it takes a Jean Paul Gaultier model to do it for me this time, then so be it.  Maybe I’ll actually keep this New Year’s Resolution and lose some poundage. 

Not that I want to wear anything that I saw in the video (I certainly couldn’t afford it!) but I would like the option and those things don’t come in my size.  What size am I, you ask?  Well, I’m not that brave as to post it on here, but if you’ve seen any of my pictures, you know I’m roughly the size of a small house.  Well, maybe not that big, but I feel like it.  And I am quite large.  So, my goal for this year is to lose 115 pounds in a year.  That’s only 2.2 pounds a week, so it’s actually quite doable… in theory. 

To change the subject yet again, I apologize for not getting any crafts out here… but the new year is just around the corner and once the holidays are over with, I’ll be able to concentrate on more than cleaning, cooking and decorating!

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