Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Missing In Action...

(A personal reflection)
I just don't get it sometimes.  People disappear off the face of the web without so much as a kiss my patooty, or anything.  I was playing WoW the other day and came across another hunter character as we were both interested in the same rare pet (Arcturis) and for a couple days, we would each check in and chit-chat a bit, we were also under the agreement to let each other know if one of us got the pet and what time, etc. (for spawning timer info.)  Then, he up and apparently deletes his toon.  No longer on my friends list, no longer on the website armory database.  Just gone.  And he was a high level toon, so it's not like a new character where a lot of time hadn't been invested... this was a level 76-78 character.  *scratches head in thought*

Then I just happened to think of a RL ("real life" for those non-gamers out there) friend whom I hadn't seen around Facebook lately (she lives across the country, so it's not like I can just drive down the street to her house) and so I looked for her.... and she's gone!  Now, I know FB has changed quite a bit... and I know that some people prune their friend lists now and then, cutting out those people who aren't the most active in their lives.  Hence, I would probably be one of those.  But to not find her at all?  That means either she blocked me or she deleted her FB account.  I really can't see either one of those happening.  I certainly hadn't done anything to upset the applecart and get myself blocked.  I suppose she could have deleted her account, but she had been an active person on there, so that reason would make me concerned.


Then again, maybe it's me and I should get off the computer and actually participate in the world outside my house!  Hmmmmm...... nah.......

Well, maybe that would help.  If I actually got some fresh air and saw a few friends on a regular basis.  Which we did today.  We took Buggaboo to the park (can you believe I didn't get any pictures?!?!)  and the guys played with the little one and us girls sat and talked.  It was so nice, especially since the weather isn't so blasted hot. 

Then we got home, I put Buggaboo down for a snooze (he fell asleep in the car ride home) and I immediately got on the computer.  Not that I'm addicted to the internet or anything.

On a side note:  I'm getting supplies ready for the Gardening Craft, but I'm having a hard time finding one thing, so I'll keep you posted.  I may need to rethink a few things if I can't find this elusive item. 

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