Monday, October 10, 2011

Sally Marshall Is Not An Alien

(A movie review)

Sally Marshall Is Not An Alien - a 1999 Australian family drama

I just finished watching this movie and I really enjoyed this movie quite a bit.  Enough so that I felt the desire to write a review.  I don't review movies that often, but when I come across a movie that isn't in the mainstream (like Harry Potter or Star Wars, etc.) that happens to catch my interest, I love to give kudos and bring it to the attention of others.  Now, on with the review...

It started out a little slow at first, maybe even a little dry, but that was what I expected from an unknown title on the BYU channel.  But I was caught unaware and found myself immersed in the movie.  The story of friendship that this movie gives the viewer is delivered very well.  The girls are terrific actors and have no problem portraying their characters.  I was crying at the end... sad, yet joyful tears.  It's really a feel-good family movie.  Very wholesome with a good message and a wonderful ending that will surprise you.

Pip is a young girl who is a little bit of a loner, doesn't quite fit in.  Rhonnie is a horrible bully of a girl who tries to manipulate everyone fiendishly.  Sally is the new girl and becomes the newest victim of Rhonnie's nastiness.  I think just about everyone will be able to relate to the kids in this story. 

Rhonnie concocts a story of Sally being an alien and Pip, who is fed up with the bullying, tries to stand up to Rhonnie, taking the side of Sally, who, despite being her neighbor, she doesn't know at all... yet.  Rhonnie bets Pip that Sally is an alien and she goads Pip into betting her telescope and then forces her to prove that Sally is really human or she loses her most prized possession.  To add insult to injury, Rhonnie twists Ben, a friend of Pip's, into doing some of her dirty deeds throughout most of the story.

The friendship that forms is heart-warming and the deceit that follows is just as heart-breaking as the kids make some bad choices.  But never fear, it does have a happy ending, though with just a touch of bitter-sweet thrown in to bring on the tears, so bring a tissue. 

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