Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365 (Day Six Thru Thirteen)

Well, life has been a bit too busy and got away from me.  I couldn't even get to the computer, let alone upload any pictures.  I did actually take a few, so here they are, all in one lump sum.  Enjoy!

Ok, Daddy, let's get to work!
It rained so much, we had a pool in our front yard!

Look at the little monkey toes!
Bubbles bubbles drool and troubles

That's "Mr." Giggles to you!  LOL
It's sad when $2.97 is "cheap" for gas!

My little man, growing up too quick!
Big Bubby feeding Little Bubby

Ok, so most are of my son (with my hubby and older son thrown in there for good measure) but at least I was still taking pictures!  I have a picture for today too, but I'll post that separately as an official posting for the project to get me back on track.  Hope you enjoyed my pics!

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