Friday, March 1, 2013

Project (365 ÷ 12) 2

Well, until I figure out a better title to this project idea, Project (365 ÷ 12) 2 will have to do.

Today's project was, I must admit, a completely personal and very selfish one.  I am a gamer at heart and I haven't had much time to myself since Buggaboo was born 2 & 1/2 years ago.  So, I found the opportunity today to have my NPC Scanner addon for my video game, World of Warcraft, let me know when a certain rare character spawned in the game.  I had been camping this guy, Sarnak, for a few days now, (just putting in a little time here and there,) and today, I vowed to either get the crossbow I'd been drooling over or break down and finally buy it off the Auction House.  Well, when I was at my wits end with him, it finally dropped! The Fishsticker Crossbow!  I really needed the mental break and I enjoyed running a few quests with my new bow, before finally logging off the game.

Lame, I know.

Especially for a project that's supposed to get me back on track.  But sometimes, you just need a break from worrying about all the daily junk that piles up.  I did laundry too (speaking of "piling up") so, today wasn't a total waste.  I played with my kids, washed some dishes, made my husband's lunch for work, etc.... I didn't totally give up on the whole house or anything, so don't judge.  Some women go shoe shopping, I sit and play video games.  And I can sit on the floor and play with my kids while I wait for the NPC Scanner to go off letting me know that Sarnak finally showed up.... which is what I did.  The boys loved it, we had a blast!  So, today was Play Day!  So sue me.  No, don't... you wouldn't get anything anyway.  Can't get blood from a turnip and you can't get any money from my wallet!  LOL  (I have to laugh, or I'd cry at the truth in that statement.)

Anyway.... Here's the photo for the day:

I took a photo of the clock hanging in our guest bath, then played around on PhotoShop a little.  Since I'd been talking about time management and all that, I got inspired to take a semi-dramatic photo of a clock.  Here's the original, if you're interested:

So, enjoy your "time" with me in this journey to self discovery and discipline.

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