Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Distractions are a plenty!

OMG I've got so much to do and so much to write and not enough time to do all of it... and what happens?  I end up totally distracted and way off course with hours wasted!  I got on the computer with full intent to start on my novel, but wanted to "check in" with email, Facebook and my blog to see if there were any comments to moderate (there was one, so not a total waste) and end up completely distracted!  It's now almost 10:30am and I haven't even gotten to my email or Facebook!  Honestly, all I really want is a nap.  My hubby is napping on the couch beside me, the baby's dozing on and off in the swing and I'm running on three hours of sleep.

Not that I'm truly complaining... I enjoyed my morning and found some really awesome sites and ideas for future crafts and activities, but if I don't get myself more disciplined and control my surfing, I'll never finish my novel and won't ever get time for those cool ideas I found... or anything else!

So, here I am, chastising myself for being so distracted and yet, I'm posting on my blog, still not working on the novel... and as you can see from the stats I posted earlier in the wee hours of the morning, I don't have any time at all to waste!

So, off I go....

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  1. Good luck getting back to working on your novel! I am a new follower from the Tuesday Tag Hop! Hope you will follow us back at Just Married with Coupons



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