Thursday, November 4, 2010

Writing Exercise....

I came across a blog with a workshop for writers.  I've had some real writer's block lately, so I've decided to participate.

Mama Kat gave us a list of "prompts" to choose from and I chose the following:

3.) If you had made a career out of whatever you were passionate about when you were ten…what would you be doing?

I would have become an architect.  I loved drawing my “dream home” in many different ways… including the landscaping.  My mother was actually surprised that I didn’t go into that line of work because I’d been drawing those dream houses for years!  I believe that with that career, I would have gone on to work on the DIY channel with one of the renovation shows like Bath Crashers, Desperate Landscapes, or Yard Crashers.  I’ve always loved working with my hands, I’ve enjoyed working with wood, with tools and I’ve always thought it would be cool to build my own home.  I’ve done some construction and electrical work, so I’m fairly confident with those jobs.  I’ve also done a little plumbing as well, although I’d need some help on most of that end. 

I see myself working on one of the shows, I probably would have worked on Trading Spaces when it was on, moving onto one of the landscaping shows in order to learn more on that end of renovating.  I’ve always been a person who needs to learn all aspects of a job, all positions, in order to do my particular job better.  I usually end up being an employee who can fill just about any position in the workplace. 

After a while, if I would have pursued that original path, I would eventually work on getting a contractor’s license and end up having my own DIY show. 

Of course, you should always have a back-up in case the first career doesn’t pan out for one reason or another, so just in case my Architect/Renovation/Construction/Landscaping/TV host career didn’t pan out, I’d planned on becoming an astronaut.  Of course, my mother, the worry-wart that she was, said, “Absolutely NOT!” to that dream.  She was always afraid of me getting hurt… (and the possibility of me sawing my fingers off wasn’t worrisome?  Dad had me using a Skill saw at the age of four, fer cryin’ out loud!)

Oh, and then there’s wanting to become a writer, artist and photographer… I can’t forget those choices!  I’ve always been one to have too many interests and hobbies.  Honestly, I don’t have time for all the interests that I have.  I’ve added some as I’ve gotten older and taken a few off the list.  (Astronaut unfortunately had to come off, can’t stomach the heights anymore!  LOL)  But I still have the child-like wonder at learning new and wondrous things as I go through this journey we call Life.

I hope you enjoyed my little essay about myself.  As I said, I haven't been able to write for a while, so this was just an exercise to get me back on track.  Feel free to give constructive criticism. 


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