Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Thanksgiving

From Mama Kat's Writing Prompts...

Describe a memorable Thanksgiving
Well, I don’t have a particular Thanksgiving that is memorable.  It’s more of an activity that always took place every year after the holiday.  Thanksgiving was never really a fun time because, although it would start out nice.  My dad would end up saying something stupid and rude about mom’s cooking (which was unfounded since she was a fantastic cook!)  And I would end up sitting alone at the table with all the food in front of me.  I always felt bad for my mom, because she put so much time, effort and love into the meal, only to have dad say something about what was “wrong” with it rather than all the delicious stuff that was made for us. 

I love the holiday of:  “The Day After Thanksgiving”  That is what has always been most memorable to me.  You see, my father and I never really got along when I was younger.  I had always wished we had, but we didn’t for reasons I’d rather not post (but you get the idea.)  But on “The Day After Thanksgiving” he and I would bring out the turkey (what was left) and he and I would sit on opposite sides and eat left-over turkey right off the bone, right there in the kitchen and we would talk.  Just talk… about anything and everything.  We didn’t argue or scream at each other.  We didn’t say or do anything nasty.  We just talked and enjoyed those few special moments that we could share each year.  My mother and I were very close, she was my best friend, in fact and although there were special times with her, I always searched for a few special ones with my father as well as they were few and far between. 

I cherish all of my memories of my parents, both good and bad, because they are both gone now and they are the only ones I have, I will never be able to make more memories with them on this earth. 

So, my idea of a “Memorable Thanksgiving” is a little different than some. 



  1. What a fantastic memory. Some of life's greatest moments are formed doing the most mundane things. Thanks for sharing it!

    Cheryl the OCM
    (stopping by from Mama Kat's)

  2. It's nice you have this memory to be "thankful" for any time of the year.

  3. It's better to be different, then follow the pack, in my opinion!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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