Saturday, November 13, 2010

Runs With Scissors...

I've always been a bit of a rebel... in my own, small, inconspicuous way.  I would usually do things to myself, my own health, just to spite everyone around me.  Dumb, huh?  The only one it ever hurt was me, no one else ever cared or knew about it in order to care.  I did things because I knew I shouldn't.  I used to drink, smoke, overeat, etc.  I don't drink or smoke anymore... I do occasionally overeat, but not to hurt myself, I do it because the food is good and I want to finish it all. 

Now I seem to rebel when I'm at the grocery store.  I should not be allowed to shop alone!!  My husband needs to figure that one out!  LOL  When he and I go together, he keeps me reined in.  Sometimes he'll let one or two items slip in, but there's a limit.  And it's a good limit because then we don't overspend and we get what we need.  However, when I'm alone at the store, I see cute things for the baby, or something I've been wanting, or something that we kind of need... we could really use it... and I've been meaning to get it, but we just haven't had the money.  Well... give me free reign and Look Out!  I just spent a hundred bucks at Wally World!  And don't even have that much to show for it.  Yes, I got things we need, but I got things we don't need too.  (And it's always $100 at Wally World, why?!  No matter what you get at Wally World, it's always $100!  I think it's a conspiracy! I also think you should just be able to hand them a $100 bill at the door on the way in and be allowed to grab everything you want, because no matter what you buy, it'll still cost you $100 bucks at the door on the way out!) Now I'm dreading my hubby waking up and seeing the stuff I bought.  I could hide some of it, but that just delays the inevitable, "When did we get this?" scenario.  Ah well...

Anyway... I'm trying to think up a funny rebel name like Runs With Scissors... so, maybe, Spends Too Much, or Runs With Credit Card, or Shops With A Fist?  Ha ha, I like that last one.  What do you think?  Can anyone come up with a good name for a Shopaholic?


P.S. I didn't write yesterday because the baby got too fussy in the middle of my blogging and I never got back to it, then my other son's girlfriend came over and then I had to cook dinner... blah blah blah...  Sorry about that.  My goal has been to post something every day.  Aargh!

Speaking of "Aargh" Have you seen the Google page for today?

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