Saturday, June 23, 2012

Being Mommy...

Well, I was at a loss today of what to post... that is, until I came across this pic on Facebook from  I think I want to get it on a mug!

OMGoodness, I feel completely redeemed now!  I'm not the only one who feels this way!  I'm sooo tired of ALWAYS having to share with Little Man... just for ONCE, I'd like to be able to eat a candy bar or bowl of ice cream (or anything, for that matter) without sharing!  LOL  I'll usually gobble my candy bar down when hubby's changing Little Man's diaper (our closets are too full o'crap for me to hide in!)

Had some pumpkin seeds today and refused to share (didn't think a two year old should eat those yet, come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have either, because of all the salt) and you'd think the world was ending!  I think that was the most traumatic experience of his little life, to date!  I mean, the face on that little guy!  I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry with him, it was so pathetic.  I actually tried to get a picture of his little face with the red eyes and the tears, but none of them did him or his tantrum justice.

So, does this make me a bad mother?  No, but it sure feels like it!  It's so hard to not spoil such an adorable child, and that's probably why his tantrum was so bad... because he's terribly spoiled.  Here's a pic of him at his Big Bubby's birthday party, all dirty, playing outside... he's ALL boy!

May 2012
And here's another one... again, dirty, after playing outside in the mud.  It had just rained and daddy took him out into the yard to explore.

Who could resist that face?!  Not me... not daddy... not big bubby... which is why he's spoiled!

Speaking of "spoiled"... as I attached the pics above, I hear Little Man at the bedroom door, trying to get out.  It's not closed all the way, just opened a crack, so I'm wondering why he's not just coming on out, like he does on so many occasions.  Well, he had his Blanky and his "Piboh" (pillow) and with both in his little hands, he couldn't maneuver his way out of the bedroom.  He just melts my heart.  Never thought I could love someone as much as I love my son!

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