Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here's a cause that's very important, yet still not fully understood, nor widely accepted as a true disease.  Yet millions suffer from it.  I am one of them.  Please help me to bring more awareness to something that is so misunderstood.

National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association
(copied from Facebook)
We need your posts to win a grant for $2500 to print and distribute 10,000 fibromyalgia education brochures to support/advocacy groups. Please ask your FB friends to help out for a great reason. The NFMCPA is an Allsup Post for a Purpose (APP) recipient organization during May and June. At finish this statement: "I'm raising awareness of fibromyalgia by <you finish the statement>." Allsup’s 2012 Post for a Purpose (APP) campaign will award a $2500 grant to an organization that receives the most posts in 60 days. You can help the NFMCPA by “liking” Allsup and posting messages until June 30, 2012. We're competing against 11 other illnesses--let's work together on this and WIN the prize to continue educating about FM. Thanks! We appreciate all you to do help the cause.

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