Monday, June 11, 2012

Corn on the Cob Day

June 11th is Corn on the Cob Day.  Remember, corn is a grain, not a veggie.  (Just a little tid-bit of non-essential info for ya there.)  Originally grown by the native American indians, it became necessary for the new world settlers to learn how to grow it in order to survive.

As I was searching around for pics and information on corn on the cob, I came across one of the cutest ideas, especially if you're a corn on the cob lover like I am (my mouth is watering just thinking about corn on the cob!)  Corn on the cob CUPCAKES!  Too cute, I've just got to try this one day.

Black & White decorating sugars?  To look like salt & pepper... Really?  Didn't even know black decorating sugar existed... but I digress.......

If you're curious on how to actually cook corn on the cob, there's actually a website dedicated to such a subject.
Not exactly original, but certainly not hard to find or mistake for anything else!

Anyway, would you believe that there's actually a Corn Maize (maze) company (family) who have, or have made, mazes all over the US, Canada, Poland and the UK?

I just love this pic, she's so adorable and looks like she's really enjoying the maze of maize!
I really wish I could get great pics like this of my son.

And searching around at the different Maize locations, and being from PA, myself, this particular place just looks like a lot of fun.

Yet another adorable (and obviously professional) pic of a very cute kid
I think I've totally gotten off track again from the original point of this post... Corn on the Cob Day, but I hope I've brought you some fun ideas of something to do... find a maze and get lost!  Ha ha ha... Seriously, though, this post has made me miss Autumn and just makes me want to move back up north where there are four seasons instead of the two we get down here in Florida:  Wet and Not-So-Wet.  This past "winter" (if you can even call it that) we barely got any cold temps at all.  Usually we see at least a few weeks of downright chilling weather.  But this year, we barely cooled off.  The mosquitoes are gonna be horrendous this summer.  Yuck!

Again, I'm off topic.  But it's very late (or very early, depending on your perspective) at the time of this writing, so I blame lack of sleep.

So, back to the celebration of Corn on the Cob... In Dublin, Ohio, there is a field of concrete corn on the cob.  A piece of art by a man named Cochran, it serves as a dedication to the areas rich agricultural roots, as well as a memorial to the field's original owner/farmer, Sam Frantz, the inventor of the hybrid corn.

These are actually people-sized concrete corn on the cob statures
Of course, there are many corn festivals all over the place in honor of corn on the cob, (corn festivals, popcorn festivals, you name it!)  just Google it and you'll see for yourself, and maybe even find a good one near you that you never even knew existed.  Of course, you'll find some ridiculous things as well.

And maybe even a few cute ones...

Anyway... however you like your corn on the cob, enjoy it to the fullest!

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