Thursday, June 14, 2012

In honor of Father's Day

Writing prompt by Mama Kat

It's time for another Writing Prompt.  This week, I've chosen the following prompt:

Father's Day is coming! Share something you've learned from your husband about parenting. What makes him good at what he does?

With my first child, he was always so calm and understanding.  He'd already been through it with his first wife when she was pregnant with his oldest son, who is now my stepson, and a wonderful one at that.  So, hubby was very good when I would be panicky and wondering if this symptom, or that one was "normal" or not.

"Should I be worried?"
"No, that's normal."
"But what if...?"
"Don't worry, it's ok, you're supposed to feel like that."

Yet he was supportive if I felt the need to call the doctor and go in, "just in case" and he always went with me to every doctor's appointment.

He also was willing to go out and get whatever weird craving I was having... no matter what time of night or wee hours of the morning it was.  He loved talking to the baby and giving my belly zerberts (and still does this time around.)
Buggaboo at one day old
Now with my second child, things are a little different.  There's a lot more stress.  We have a toddler who's almost two, I have gestational diabetes this time around, and my health isn't quite as good (and it wasn't that great the first time around,) and finances aren't quite as good either.  So, the stress has taken it's toll on all of us this pregnancy.

But he's still a very loving father and husband.  What have I learned from him on parenting?  I think a few of the things that I've learned from my husband are:

  1. I have no patience whatsoever and I really need to learn some (male "selective hearing" is a natural instinct that they are all born with!)
  2. I need to worry less (yeah, right... like that's ever going to happen!)
  3. Boys get dirty (no matter how careful I am, he and his clothes are a total mess, I don't know how anyone keeps their children's clothes nice)
  4. Boys get hurt and fall... a LOT!  And it's "ok" (I'm surprised he actually has any teeth left, thanks to the coffee table!)
  5. Men cannot dress a child.  You should have seen what he was going to let our child go out of the house in one day!  

Well, there's probably more than what I've listed.  We've both had to learn and grow together in many different areas, and it's been quite the roller coaster the past (almost) three years that we've been together.  But no matter how rough things get, I'm glad he's the one I'm sharing all of this with because what makes him good at what he does is the love he has in his heart for me and our family.
Bike Week 2009
Happy Father's Day, Honey!  I love you!


  1. Such a great tribute to your husband! Good luck with your pregnancy!

  2. It's great to have a husband you can just step back and let take over. When I see my kids are doing something that looks like they could break an arm or a lamp I just look at their Dad like, "you got this one..." and he takes over. I think it's great that kids can grow up with that balance.

  3. @Jennifer, Thanks so much! Glad you liked my post.

    @ Mama Kat, I know, right? I've been very blessed. I love how you put it... "You got this one!" LOL Thanks for stopping by!


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