Monday, June 18, 2012

Ride to Work Day

Just for my hubby, who loves motorcycles, I'm posting about Ride to Work Day, today, Monday, June 18th.

It's the 3rd Monday in June, so the date always changes, but this year, 2012, it lands on  June 18th.

It's the 21st Annual Ride to Work Day and is sponsored by a 501 c4 non-profit organization.  Here are the reasons to ride that they have put out on cards that you can download:

I have ridden my motorcycle to work today because:✔ Riding to work is fun
✔ Riding to work reduces traffic and parking congestion
✔ Riding to work uses less fuel than an automobile
✔ Riding to work leaves me alert and energized
✔ Riding to work results in less pollution than commuting in
a larger vehicle
✔ Riding to work is less destructive to road surfaces, bridges, etc.
✔ Riding to work gets me to work (and back home) faster
✔ Riding to work demonstrates motorcycling as a social good
Be safe, watch for motorcycles, enjoy the ride!

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