Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!

Today, June 20th, 2012, just after 7pm, our northern hemisphere officially hits SUMMER!  

Are you kidding me?  It's been so hot for so long, summer's only now just beginning?!  Of course, the pregnancy hormones haven't helped my temperature gauge at all, but still... here in Florida, we've been celebrating "summer" for a while now.  People have been flocking to their pools, to the beach, etc. for weeks (dare I even say months) now.  Of course, we didn't really have a "winter" this past year either.  Not that we actually have winter, per say, but we usually get a few weeks of cold weather (and yes, it goes below freezing, hence the rise in prices of oranges and orange juice most years) in order to give us a nice mini break from the heat.

And let me tell you, after growing up in Pennsylvania, with the "dry cold" weather, the humidity of Florida makes the cold ten times worse!  The only saving grace is that it's usually so brief, it's almost not worth mentioning.  Except for the fact that this year we didn't get any of that.  UGH, the mosquitoes are going to be horrendous this summer!  They already are, actually.  So, between the pregnancy heat hormones and the bugs, my lily white skin will stay very white this summer... yet again!  No tan for this chick.  Got plenty of those in my 20's and probably too many and too much, but I've made up for it by never going in the sun once I hit my mid to late 30's.  After my divorce from my first husband, I hit the beaches for a while yet... but then the heat started getting to me and it just wasn't as enjoyable as it used to be.  Guess my body's chemistry changed too much.  I still love the beach, I just don't go out when it's disgustingly hot.  

So, anyway, enjoy your summer and if you missed it, check out my St. Augustine, FL Staycation and if you're not in or close to St. Augustine, check out the Staycation links for other areas around the United States for other great Staycation ideas.

What will you do this summer?
St. Augustine Beach Sunrise

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