Friday, June 8, 2012

Upsy Daisy Day

Today is Upsy Daisy Day... My son loves the show, In the Night Garden, so when I hear this, I think of one of the weirdest characters ever.  She totally creeps me out.  Thankfully, he likes the Pontipines more, but that's mostly because they're constantly making farting noises.  (he's all boy, go figure!) Personally, I like Maka Paka the best out of the show's characters, but that's neither here nor there...

But, despite the fact that she's my least favorite character, in honor of Upsy Daisy Day, I'll post her picture.  Even though I'm sure that's not what this day was intended for, but you'll be hard pressed to find much else other than some actual daises when searching on the internet.

Actual Definitions:


Upsy daisy is what you say to a child you are lifting up or to a child who has fallen down and who you want to stand back up again. (interjection)
An example of upsy daisy is what you say to your daughter as you lift her up.
YourDictionary Definitions. Copyright © 2012 by LoveToKnow Corp.

See upsy-daisy in Webster's New World College Dictionary:

up you go: used playfully or for reassurance, as in lifting a small child

(used, as for reassurance, at the moment of lifting a baby up.)
1860–65;  compare earlier up-a-daisy,  dial. up-a-day,  perhaps up  + (lack)aday,  ( lack ) adaisy; -sy  perhaps to be identified with -sy

On a slightly more disturbing note... as I was looking for the nice pic above, I typed in "holding a child in the air" (because upsy-daisy only give pics of the creepy character and a few daises) and as I was going through the pics, I came across this one:

It's a "hold up"... it's a "child"... it's a child performing a hold up... Sheesh!

Anyway, I love the pic of the mother and child, but I'm also partial to daises, so here's one of those too...

And didn't I say it's amazing what you find?  Well, when searching for a picture of a daisy, I found the Droste Daisy:

Go ahead... Google "Daisy" yourself... if you don't believe me.  Cool pic, though, huh?  

Of course, being a huge Disney fan, I certainly can't leave out Miss Daisy Duck, herself!

Today is also World Ocean Day and National Name Your Poison Day (which is interesting.)  Personally, I just love the ocean and those of you who know me are probably wondering why I didn't use that one as today's main theme... well, I thought the Upsy-Daisy one was more fun.  The ocean is beautiful and calming, but not generally funny.  
Buggaboo's first trip to the beach
and sharing it with Mommy & Daddy
Mommy's hiding behind the camera!
Whichever day you decide to celebrate enjoy it to the fullest!

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